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Jan 17, 2012



Excellent post.
I miss not having you around.
But I guess you are still around, just not around around.


Good luck in the new job. Really admire your perseverence, after the whole Freeview, Nokia, Guardian, Trident thing. Fail better etc.


I'm not sure I've read such a cliff-hanger of a blog post. Where do I sign up?


Nice post Ben. As a former W+Ker I can say that you take those nuggets with you on your new journey - you take the best bits and share them with new people and drive them to create the best work of their lives, to look at more interesting stuff and challenge the status quo. The journey won't be easy but it then never was at Wieden's.
Good luck - you'll be brilliant!


Very nice post Ben. And I like your new job title a lot.

Graeme Douglas

Lovely stuff, Ben. You'll be missed.
Now, next time you see 'Call Me Dave', give him a wedgy from me, please.


Best of luck, hope that doesn't mean fewer blog posts on design, galleries and books!


Nothing easy is ever worth doing as they say...

Best of luck in the new job!


Or more accurately: nothing worth doing is ever easy.

A Facebook User

Cheers, mate. We'll miss you too.


but what about the dodgems?


As cool as it might be to work at W+K, I value my time with my son way too much to put that much energy into my work.




And by 'Splitter!' what I meant to say was you'll be absolutely and sincerely missed.

renny gleeson

we <3 you, BT.

Sujan Kumar Biswas

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