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Feb 27, 2012


Amelia Quailler

Wait so this is all ceramic? That's pretty impressive. I have never seen ceramic like that on the outside of a building. Do you still have to use ceramic tile underlayment with that? I know that with http://www.blankecorp.com/blanke-usa/products/waterproofing-and-multifunctional-underlayment-systems/blankepermat/product-information/ the uncoupling membranes is a lot easier, but I wonder how that would work on a huge building like that!

Hilary Kimbel

Do you know where to get pretty ceramic tiles in ottawa? I would love to do something like this with them!


I am a mediocre artist, and never have I seen such an art placed up in such a place. With just a few different colored ceramic tiles from Ottawa, and a canvas to work on, someone had made something that is unique in more than just the normal ways. I congratulate anyone and everyone who did this!

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