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Mar 26, 2012


Peter Parkes

Logos don’t annoy me as much as awkward copy. The ORN poster is worse than the cycling one in this regard – vague and in the passive voice. Should we be worried that some roads (though we’d have to check the website to see which ones) might be upset? Unusually twisty? Upside down?

It’d be nicer if it said ‘If you see this sign on a road, it means it’s going to be totally buggered during the Olympics’ and had a picture of a sign with a skull and crossbones or something appropriate. But then TfL would need to spend money sticking up signs on roads, I suppose.


When you need a whole 'Fag Warning' bar for the logo's that make no difference to the end audience whatsoever you know something went wrong...


#1 Annoys me too, and has for years. The worst example of this, in my opinion, is the poster/DVD cover for "Nothing to Lose" with Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence. Here, the names of the actors are actually placed ON TOP of wrong man. Here is the image:


I can't believe no one thought to change the layout, or to stage the photo accordingly. Or at least flip the photo at the very least. ... However, I'm laughing imagining that someone is going through life saying "I really like Martin Lawrence. He's a great actor"


Clearly they don't care about the accuracy of the messages (sigh). The games billboard is an important message and it's not big enough or clear enough to read from a car on the other side of the road, let alone obvious enough that it's an official message.

Even worse, an awfully unimaginative film poster design for something that's visually quite a creative story! My pet hate with those usually, is the fact they ruin a good poster design with '5 star reviews' all over them. Not objective so what's the bloody point? You'll never see honest reviews on them or a 1 star quote, so they're effectively useless. If I remember correctly, the 2:10 to Yuma poster was really nice but plastered with reviews across the top moving your focus away from a really good image. (end of rant)


'adverse camber'

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