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Apr 16, 2012



Yeah, nice idea. Didn't quite work for me, though. I painted our bathroom the colour of my brogues.


Thank the lord for my Avocado dunks.


Iain - I bet you have whole rooms in sweatshirt grey.

David - might work for a hallway. Want me to come round?

Leanne Johnson

Haha, this is totally a test to find out who is a designer. We will nod and agree like it's the most normal thing in the world to base a bathroom on trainers - my non-designer friends will look at me like I've just lost it...

Lovely colour set by the way, looks like you've done a good job of the bathroom accessories too. Busy doing my bathroom at the mo, the colour scheme of which was only based on an iridescent tile I found years ago, so that's not as trendy or weird :D

So, what clothing have you based other rooms on?


How would approaching that idea go...?

"Darling, I have a great idea for the bathroom..."

Oh and I assume you've never worn those trainers?

Account Deleted

Unbuttoning my shirt nike air foamposite in the bathroom to look at my chest in the mirror. It's a tiny miracle to not yet be dead... http://www.tfo.com.au/bathroom-tiles/bathroom-vanities

Guy Mccardle

Great idea right there! And the color combination of maroon and white is classic! Who would have thought of getting concepts from trainer shoes? And truly, there will be endless possibilities right there. Now, that's cool! :) - http://www.pritchettbros.com/exterior-renovations/bloomington-home-repair/

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