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Dec 11, 2012


Prescott Perez-Fox

I used one for the first time just last night. Seems pretty straightforward and the transaction was a success. Typed a code, and the door swung open.

I imagine it's good for retailers as well because, as in my case of the supermarket, they get the extra footfall, which can easily lead to impulse or purposeful sales.


And they're already being used for fun. Dan W & Tom Scott are doing a festive Advent Calendar/treasure hunt with them — adventlocker.com

Which is Good.

John V Willshire

They are a great idea, unless you happen to be in the same building as one, like my brother is in his office. He struggles to persuade amazon that he wants it delivered to his office and not the locker. It's like Mrs Doyle - use the locker, g'wan, g'wan, g'wan....

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