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Apr 30, 2013



Agree completely. I set up an auto reply explaining that my email was accessed from a shared workstation and would be checked between 8.30 and 9.00 in the morning. Anything urgent outside of this time would require a phone call.

It was one of the most productive things I did. People soon got used to the idea and it meant I could draw up a to-do at 9.00am and then not worry about email for the rest of the day.

There can be an over-reliance on email checking that makes people think being busy is the same as being productive.

James Parker

People suppress everything that is why we are a society that is addicted to all things you’ve listed and worst of all “pain killers”. It takes Courage to live…. Courage recognize ones flaws and want to self improve. It takes courage to face our own conflicts. Through living vulnerable you actual being to truly live…

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