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Aug 13, 2013



The fact that people are talking about a new Yahoo logo is in itself a win. Of course they are going to show the crappy logos up front since they have to show 30 in total. Presumably they have already selected a better logo behind the scenes. Also I kind of like day 5 :)


I think they will either:

A) Show the final logo after day 30; as Felixturner suggests; or
B) Test the waters with what people say about each one and keep the one "most approved" by the people (although I really hope they don't).

On a side note, day 7 looks nice. They kept some of the old logo and finished with a bigger "O", which I interpret as getting louder as time goes by. But I tend to read too much into stuff like this.


Yahoo are investing in design. And that’s good. That’s great. Big up the Yahoo. And their website has been reconsidered and redesigned, progress. Super. Flickr has seen a significant make over. Taste aside, this means they are thinking about it, trying new things, pushing things on... fantastic, Tumblr is now easier to use than ever (could it actually BE any easier?) And now the main brand is seeing a new push to better align the brand visually. Bravo! Yahoo!

Excellent. This is progress. Change is scary. So any large organisation embarking on new creative work should be applauded.

Marissa Mayer (who left Google to join them) is doing some really smart things with Yahoo! — Spending on what’s good, and cutting ties to all the less good. In 3—5 years we could all easily be talking about Yahoo! in glowing terms.

And they way they are doing is unusual. Weird even. I love weird. Weird works for brands generally. It’s what helps them stand out, be remembered, get conversational and ultimately create monopolies in people minds when it comes to choosing one brand over another. That’s why brands exist. To help create monopolies in competitive markets.

AND — If ever there was a commercial signal that Logo’s were on the slide. This is it. Lobbed out with casual abandon by the Yahoo Team... the ‘one logo a day for 30 days’ gives the firm impression that logo’s alone are so worthless you can have one a day to blow your nose on. And I like that. Logo’s alone are pretty worthless. (but you knew I was going to say that)

Intellectually that 30 logos in 30 days, 7 brides for 7 brothers approach is smart. It removes the shock of the new to the doomsayers. Gets them used to change. Gets them ready for pretty much anything. And it’s hardly a shock... Google have been remixing their logo from the get-go... MTV have been doing it for even longer...

But... and here in lies the rub... by pushing the launching of a logo... by launching a re-design... by focusing on the new look... Yahoo risk blowing their nose on their own curtains. Unlike Google (and come on, it’s Google they are after in this race) — they need to introduce more charm into their brand experience...

Brands of the world... listen up... NEVER LAUNCH A LOGO! — It’s bad news. Literally. You have never read a headline in any reputable newspaper singing the praises of a new logo. Ever. Because a new logo = A waste of money, a designer having a fiddle, a case of egotism over logic and always an example of spending cash on something that could be left alone rather than investing in something proper like the service itself, the product or the people that make that organisation tick.

Logo’s are launched because they are emotional purchases. They involve a lot of conversation, and heartache... they are labored over. They are part of brainstorms, debates, late night phone calls and multiple shrouded emails. Every parent wants to show off a picture of their newborn. Even if it is a properly ugly baby. Even if it damages the chances of the new work being successful in it’s business objectives.

Ultimately this all comes down to opinions. What does Yahoo! stand for? Who are they? Why should we care? — A rebrand is the perfect time to get opinionated, divide the room, get a conversation going. They have got some gems... Tumbr is amazing, Flickr a great online photo album, their Apple x Yahoo! Weather App is beautiful and works a treat... so I have hope... optimism for the future... I want them to succeed want them to win us over... give Google a good run... releasing a logo a day for 30 days... it’s a interesting start...


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