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Sep 05, 2016


Kieran Harrod

They are fascinating, but a few too many hoops to jump through for my liking (you have to be a prime member, for example, then the £15 minimum, I couldn't store 15 loo rolls in my house). However, there is a PlayDoh button, one of the key consumables in our house!

Isn't there and email confirmation that your loo roll has been ordered? Or tie it to some app to send a confirmation?

Though really I'm not sure why this couldn't be implemented as "virtual dash buttons". I'm not the only guy who has his phone in his pocket when visiting the loo I'm sure, or the kitchen etc? It might be 2 more button presses, phone unlock, launch app, press Andrex button. You could get 16 buttons on a screen so no swiping or searching and you could get a confirmation via the app that all was happening?

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