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Dec 31, 2017


Phil Gyford

Thanks Ben. Here are my charts https://www.flickr.com/search/?sort=date-taken-desc&safe_search=1&tags=2017&user_id=35034346050%40N01&view_all=1

Maybe that year listening report URL will work tomorrow... maybe "Last year" means 2017's visuals won't show until 2018? We'll have to wait and see.

I hope you have a good 2018 Ben!


I hope you have a good one too Phil!

By the way Cathedrals is the name of a council ward in Southwark http://www.2.southwark.gov.uk/downloads/file/11101/proposed_cathedrals_ward_map

Phil Gyford

Ah, yes, council wards would make sense, good thinking. Knowing nothing about a place you'd think they would be good names to use to refer to areas. Apart from no one using them.

Nadja Pereira

LoL, I still use Last.fm. My music on spotify is synchronised there. :)


Happy New Year Nadja


Happy New Year Phil.

I assume I'm more familiar with wards and ward names because Lisa used to be a councillor. I think lots of people who live nearby would recognise the ward names, but the context would be 'that place is in Cathedrals ward'. I don't think anyone would say, 'want to meet in Cathedrals ward for a coffee' which is the context you're using it for. Arguably 4SQ are using the first use case. That doesn’t mean it’s right of course. It’s still weird and it makes sense to no one but me and you.

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